How To Make The Best Fiery S'mores Cake

How To Make The Best Fiery S'mores Cake

How to make the best fiery s’mores cake this week because we all need a little bit of comfort food now the dark nights are drawing in and the temperature dropping. I’ve got toasted marshmallows, marshmallow frosting, chocolate sponge and fiery, fondant flames, what more could you want in life with weather like this?

How To Make The Best Fiery S'mores Cake
How To Make The Best Fiery S'mores Cake


3 chocolate sponge cakes (you can find my recipe here)

1 batch of marshmallow frosting (recipe here)

300g orange fondant

250g red fondant

200g yellow fondant

7 giant marshmallows

250g mini marshmallows

100 dark chocolate



Bake three chocolate sponges in 7-inch cake pans. When cooled, wrap in cling-film and place in the freezer

We’ll make the flames next because they need to dry out overnight

How to make fondant flames

Prepare 3 large sheets of parchment paper on your worktop to place the flames on while drying. If you can’t leave them on the worktop overnight, line 3 large baking trays so that you can move them when you’re done. Dust your worktop with icing sugar and roll out the yellow fondant as thin as you can before it starts to tear. Using a knife, carefully cut out 40-50 small flames. It’s vital that you work quite fast here because we need to finish each entire flame before the fondant starts to dry. If you’d rather not rush, work in smaller batches. Every time you cut a flame, move it to the parchment paper. Next, roll out the orange fondant super thin. Line the yellow flames on top of the orange, leaving gaps between each to cut around

How To Make The Best Fiery S'mores Cake

Using the rolling pin, slightly flatten the yellow into the orange, be careful not to over stretch the fondant

How To Make The Best Fiery S'mores Cake

Cut around the yellow to create the orange flame. Repeat this process with the red fondant. When cutting the red fondant, the border should be very thin

How To Make The Best Fiery S'mores Cake

Finally, use any remaining orange and yellow fondant to make miniature flames to hide any white gaps later. Leave these to dry overnight somewhere cool and dry.

The following day, remove the sponges from the freezer 1-2 hours before you start decorating. Freezing them overnight will help the frosting set quickly and prevent any bulges later. When the cakes are ready, layer them with a generous amount of frosting between each and then cover the entire cake in a thin coating of frosting. Place in the fridge to set for 30 minutes. When the cake has chilled cover the whole thing in a thick layer of frosting and smooth the sides.

Lightly toast the marshmallows under a grill/broiler until they are a light brown and place on top of the cake. Arrange the large ones first. Fill any large gaps with a piece of chocolate and then, completely cover any smaller spaces with the mini, toasted marshmallows

marshmallow cake

Lastly, place the flames all around the sides of the cake. Two layers of large flames and then add in the mini ones wherever the white frosting is showing through at the bottom. When attaching fondant to fondant, a small spot of frosting on the back will help it stick

How To Make The Best Fiery S'mores Cake
How To Make The Best Fiery S'mores Cake

And you’re done! The perfect cake to warm your bones on these chilly November nights. Remember to drop in next Monday for my new creation, whatever that might be.

How to make a fiery, s'mores cake tutorial with step by step instructions, marshmallow frosting recipe and edible flames