My All Time Favourite 5 Cake Blogs

Fave 5 Cake Blogs

Hey hey hey!!! So, I got totally and utterly sick with the flu this week! I've lost my voice, my cough has me barking more than the neighbour's dog and worst of all, it came with sinusitis. Which is just all kinds of pain. Searing face pain, even my teeth hurt. I'm not even sure how that works but it's happening. It's been around all week but I still convinced myself it would be gone in time to cake. I pulled myself out of my week long 'Friends' binge last night to try and make something but it just wasn't right. Alas, I'm still beaten.

I thought I would make some lovely daffodil cookies for St Davids day on Thursday but it turns out my cookie skills still aren't good enough for that kind of project. And of course, because I'm ill that spiralled into an hour-long self-hate, self-pity twister. Like, normally I know that cookies aren't my jam but I'm trying and learning and improving but oh man, yesterday, I was just wallowing all over it. Woe woe woe is me. And all that jazz.

flower cookies
flower cookie

Really they aren't all that bad, I mean don't get me wrong they aren't daffodils. But, as indistinct flowers go they're pretty darn cute. Most of my issues aren't even with the flowers, it's the sky and the outlines which is all down to the icing consistency and I knew I had that completely wrong before I started but I was just too darned tired to try and fix it. It also didn't help that my sister decided to ice cookies for the first ever time. And let's just say she nailed it, look how cute her purple flowers are! Inferiority complex, table for one please. 

Flower cookie pink
flower cookie pink

So, my tip for the week? Just let yourself be sick and tired. Your body needs to recover and you need to let it. Spend this time crying over Ross and Rachel again. Then question why you're crying cos now it's 20 years later and you can see that Ross never deserved her in the first place. Dude has some serious anger issues. 

So, while my body is healing I thought rather than beat myself up trying to make a last minute cake this week I would rather give the floor over to some truly amazing cakers and show you the people that I love and who inspire me.

First Up...

Katie Cakes

Not only does Katie have to die for recipes but her stories and chat make you absolutely love her! Anyone who can use 'hawt diggedy dawg' in a sentence is a winner in my book. The first fellow Brit on my list Katie almost feels like someone I know, a gin-loving, cake baker with eyeliner to die for. I mean just look at those Caramac cupcakes, I wanna eat the entire lot! And if your sweet tooth needs a little break (for shame!) she has savoury recipes too. Homemade gyoza? I'm all over that!

My Fave 5

Caramac Cupcakes (tuck shop superstar!)

Gin and Tonic Cupcakes (gin goodness in cake!)

Sticky Apple and Gingerbread Pecan Loaf (drooling!)

Jaffa Cake Slutty Brownies (goals af!)

Blueberry and White Chocolate Cake (heaven on a plate!)


Liv For Cake

I love everything about Olivia and the freaking gorgeous (inside and out) cakes she makes. When I moved to Vancouver a little while ago I was devastated that some of my favourite recipes just didn't work out. I could not figure out why until one day someone told me that British and North American flour absorbs liquid differently meaning sometimes recipes aren't bi-continental. I was so upset! Luckily, on my hunt for a new recipe source I found Liv For Cake. I immediately knew I was in safe hands when I saw a Harry Potter reference in her bio. She was one of my kind. 

My Fave 5 

Chocolate Strawberry Cake (it's so lush!)

S'mores Cake (I'm speechless, it's so beautiful)

Cadbury Creme Egg Cake (just in time for Easter!)

Milk and Cookies Cake (comfort cake!)

Mint Chocolate chip Cake (ice cream dreams)


Pudding Lane Blog 

This blog is the life of my dreams! Like you know the inner monologue you, that has your life together and every outfit looks like a Vogue shoot, your noggin looks like it's straight from the hairdresser and you spend Sunday afternoons eating roast dinner at the local gastro pub? Well, that's exactly what this blog looks like. Just when you think it can't get any better you realise that it's also choc full of amazing recipes. It's satisfying my cake and fantasy daydreams all in one go. I'm in awe!

My Fave 5

Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cake (I can die happy now)

Eggnog Layer Cake (its Xmas all year at my house)

Pistachio, Rose and White Chocolate Cake (I told you it belongs in Vogue)

Rhubarb and Rose Pavlova (love me some rose)

Honeycomb Gingerbread Cake (it's like Xmas met a Crunchie!)


Sweetness and Bite 

The styling here is just so me! I love everything about this blog and Natalie who runs it from her home in New Zealand. My favourite tutorial is one she does for creating a watercolour effect on fondant. It is just magical and she makes it super easy! I only wish I was better at covering cakes in fondant so I could do it justice. One day! I also love that a lot of her recipes are gluten free which comes in super handy because there's at least three people in my family with an intolerance to it. Take a mosey on over, you are in for a treat! 

My Fave 5

How To Wrap A Cake In Fondant (it's so detailed!)

How To Make Shiny Edible Metallic Paint (everything should be shiny imho)

Devils Food Cake (go on, be bad)

Neopolitan Surprise Cupcakes (so many summer memories)

Crunchy Almond Toblerone Cheesecake (Toblerone! Need I say more?)



I love this place because it's a glorious mix of cake decorating and amazing recipes. And Chelsea always manages to make her amazing designs seem do-able for everyone, a feat in itself! Alongside recipes and amazing design, she always manages to solve my problems right when I need it. Just around Halloween last year I was struggling with mixing a completely black frosting, I could not get it dark enough! Right on cue, I spot an insta post from Chelsweets linking me to all the answers. My hero!

My Fave 5

Ferrero Rocher Truffle Cake (covered in drool right now)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake (the dream team)

Holiday Feast Cake (crimbo dinner cake!)

Salmon Avocado Sushi Cake (roll me up a piece of that)

Oreo Waffle Cake (all my loves)

I can't freaking wait til I'm well enough to make all these again! Until then, send me your recommendations for new reads. I love the shiny and new!

Fave 5 Cake Blogs
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