Amanda Colligan

Welcome to my world, come on in! This is my little corner where I share all my findings from my journey through the madness that is cake decorating. Which weirdly enough helps me work through my own madness. You know those days, weeks, years that your brain won't be quiet? This is the solution. Trust me, as soon as you make your hands focus on a task your brain will simmer down. And since I'm too broke for therapy it's cake all the way. Every week I bake a new cake and share all the steps I've taken to decorate it in my blog which I hope can help you switch off.

A lot of what I do is trial and error. My strange brain will pluck an idea out of the air and my hands keep moving til it gets there. After a few years the errors have gotten slightly less but every now then, that fickle lover I call fondant, will find a way to bamboozle me all over again. I'm pretty sure at this point that fondant can actually smell fear from 50 paces. 

My style is pretty random, you'll be hard pushed to find any sugar roses. Not that I don't find them amazing, the skill involved is insane! I'm just way too clumsy to cake delicate. My forte is breaking everything down into simple shapes, that when built up make really eye catching designs.

Also, I hate buying new equipment. If I'm buying something, I best be certain it'll be used til my last day on earth. Which, is great for you guys because you can make most of my cakes with things you already have in your kitchen. 

The best way to explain me is probably by telling you that my absolute favourite time of year is Hallwoeen. Even though I'm a total scaredy cat in real life, come Halloween, I get super excited by the prospect of edible blood. My other biggest inspiration is art, my favourite creation is still my Van Gogh inspired cookies. They were a personal triumph considering I suck at cookie icing. 


I started baking around 10 years ago as a way to de-stress. I love the process of baking. The method has a magical ability to shut out all my worries and focus solely on the making. Then, around 4 years ago I decided to make my sister a Game of Thrones birthday cake and immediately I was addicted to fondant. Looking back that cake was actually terrible but it will always be my favourite for getting me started on this wonderful sugar craft journey. Sometimes, I think we're too quick to judge oursleves and our projects as failures. There's no such thing, anything that doesn't go to plan this time, is a lesson for next time. 

So, if you're interested in cake decorating but find it a little intimidating or if you're looking for a way to de-stress after work come join me. This is a judgement free zone of learning and patting ourselves on the back every time we nail something new. Let's get started!